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I am Convention-Crushing UX&UI Designer Who Gets His Inspiration From Another Galaxy


Welcome to my personal site! My name is Roman. I was born and raised in a tiny mining town in central part of Ukraine. I took an exciting and totally crazy life's journey to end up in Iowa living with a cat lady and working as a senior UI/UX designer and a front-end developer.

I have worked as a web designer for over 10 years, in the past 5 years I have been focusing more on overall User experience and the Interface design. Also, I love creating motion graphics and animation to projects. Yes, I use a lot of keyframes, when it comes to it.

In my free time, I try to stay busy: reading, motorcycling, cooking. During summer, I have had a farmerโ€™s market booth where I make Ukrainian dumplings from my Grandmotherโ€™s recipes. And of course.. I love Sci-Fi and robots!

Check out my Work or Drop a Line if you need some creative web help, or buy one of my Robot Shirts! So many choices #ugh

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Brain Powers


Prometheus 2017 Best App
5 ADAI Web Design Awards
Unmatched-Style Best Design
Top Contributor on LottieFiles

Star Gazing

Self improvement & Freelancing: Branding, Motion Design & Illustration.


Saturday MFG

Web Designer, UX Designer, Digital Illustrator. Worked on local non-profit & large projects.


Flying Hippo

Web/UX Designer and Developer, focused on local businesses and startups.


Shift Interactive

Senior Interactive/UX Designer & Front-end developer on a wide range or clients.