Random Fun Projects

A pretty random collection of fun personal and company projects I had involvement in. This is a collection of work I am proud to share and talk about, through challenges that gave me opportunity to grow and learn new technology and tricks. Please enjoy this crazy portfolio as much as I did.

Project Role

UI/UX, Moodboards, Web Design, Animation, Illustrations

Tech Stack

CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, GSAP2/3, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

Drink app

Touchscreen Drink Voting App

I have designed and built front-end for this promotional one-day event for the touchscreen app. The app was used during a big launch party, the guests were using a touchscreen to vote for their favorite drink, it was more of an interactive fun experience. By the end of the night company would tally up votes to find out which drink was the crowd's favorite. Check out the short video here.

Dmacc robotics

DMACC Robotics Facebook App Design

I have illustrated and designed the screens for the Facebook app we built for the local community college to promote their robotics program. The goal was to attract kids in high schools to the program and make an interactive game that can be shared on the Facebook website/app. The user is able to assemble their own robot by picking every part and using their Facebook photo to ship the robot out.

Draft manager

Fantasy Football Draft Manager

I Love Fantasy Football. This is my personal project to be used during live Fantasy draft auction. It connects to the database of NFL players; as a Manager, you are able to dynamically pick a player and assign a winning bid with the team. In a general board, you are able to see all teams and their budgets, click on individual team and see what your maximum bid and current budget is. I have built it with ReactJS and Firebase for live data rendering. Check my public repo here.

Star wars

Star Wars Holiday Card

I have designed the screens and built most of the front-end for this fun interactive 2015 Holiday Card inspired by Star Wars, because .. why not? The concept is the Dark side against the Rebels, people can go to this site and pick the fighter/character by voting and by the end of the Holiday season, we pick which one finally will nominate a Galaxy order. Photo session was fun, some people were really into Star Wars, if you can't tell. Tech stack: HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Check it here.

Snowman game

Snowman Interactive Game Holiday Card

'The village of Shiftville is a quaint little place. Beer and good cheer put a smile on each face. But while the Shifters were sleeping all tucked into bed, angry snow gnomes took over spreading terror and dread. The gnomes had no room in their hearts for the season. Their goal was to fight, to lie, commit treason!'

I designed the game screens and illustrations for this interactive game that can be synced and played simultaneously on your phone and on computer screen. The goal is to shoot evil gnomes to stop them from destroying Xmas time for the Shift team! Check it here.

Bedford navigating

Bedford Reinforced Website

Bedford Reinforced is a multi-million company that manufactures industrial material. My role was to build out the Wordpress site and all the front-end for more than 30 custom templates. The challenge was to make it efficient to create and manage pages, so I have used custom fields and dynamic templating to give a huge amount of customization combination for any content. Check the final website.