Objective Box

Objective Box is an invention from the local Airsoft enthusiast that combines an actual open-source physical box with the loudspeaker connected to the iPhone app. Objective Box is a complete game management app that sets up the missions, starts the timer and lets players arm or disarm the Box. It announces through loudspeaker when game is over and when mission succeeds or fails.

Project Role

UI/UX, Moodboards, App Design, Illustrations


2 months

Objective box load screen
Objective box timed mission
Objective box disarm screen
When I play, I become entirely absorbed in the game. It may be a form of concentration.
- Helen Wills Moody
Objective box mockups

App Wireframe Concepts

Objective Box needed a quick and easy way to set up missions, set the duration and conditions for each game. The biggest challenge was to make it usable for quick disarm and arm functionality for people who were carrying the actual box during the setup.

Objective box action

Testing Prototype in Action

I had a chance to go in the field with the creator of Objective Box, Tye, to test and see for myself the Objective Box app in action and how it gets used during actual missions. It was a great ton of fun and it was really impressive to see how many people are involved in the Airsoft community in Iowa and how seriously they take the gear, equipment and the actual games.