Igor Lighting

Igor Lighting and Technology is an innovative and intelligent lightning technology built on top of IoT that utilizes Internet connection that provides granular control over each lightning setup and sensors in any part of the grid. This project was to help build the marketing website for potential business clients and contractors and make interactive slider in beginning.

Project Role

UI/UX, Moodboards, Web Design, Front-end Development

Tech Stack

HTML5, CSS3, JS/jQuery, Wordpress, GSAP2.0 Engine


4 months

Igor desktop
Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.
–Dr. Albert, Szent- Györgyi
Igor sketches

Animation Sketches

I had to sketch main screens to walk the user through what Igor technology can do for their business as far as what features the lighting system has and what kind of sensors can be integrated easily in the office spaces.

Igor gsap mesh

GSAP2.0 Animation Engine

Additionally to designing and building responsive Front-end for the whole website, I also took on the role to create homepage animation section with the interactive slider with help of GSAP2 Engine. It was really challenging and fun process to learn the limitations and also additional features GSAP offers like slider and object control.